Ethan Jordan

3 Responses to Ethan Jordan

  1. Computer server
    opal cards
    Australia post
    credit cards(any card systems)
    Google docs and all other online accounts
    external hardrive
    streaming websites

  2. Ethan Jordan says:

    One Note
    When one note opens it goes through all the information processes. When it opens it collects data from the user. E.g account information. After the information is collected, the information gets organised and prepared to be used by other information processes. This information then get analysed into useful information. All this information needs to be moved somewhere or it cannot be used. But before it is uploaded the information gets stored. Then the information gets processed in different types of formats so it can be send to the servers. Once its processed this information gets uploaded to other information systems, servers or databases. The server then sends backs the information they requested(All the users notes). While the information is being send back to the user, it changes formats(Binary, Light pulses). Once the information is send back, it is displayed on the screen.

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