Andrew Riis

username: andrewriis


Information Systems in Context – Evernote

Participants are typically the same as the user. The participant enters data in various forms, which is combined into a note, the note is synced to the server (information technology). Throughout the cycle, lots of information processes take place.

  • Collecting – user typically in the data, recording sound, taking pictures etc., generally making notes
  • Organising – sorting notes into notebooks, tagging notes
  • Analysing – search for tags, keywords or notebooks etc.
  • Storing and Retrieving – storing pictures on the device and when the user selects them retrieving them, attaching files, also saving notes on the device for offline access and until a sync takes place
  • Processing – OCR for photos, editing sound clips, calculating time for reminders, automatically adding data e.g. bullet points, numbers etc.
  • Transmitting and receiving – the sync action, transmitting it the servers, receiving it from the serves
  • Displaying – notes, todo’s, alarms etc.

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