8.2.7 Displaying

8.2.7 Displaying

8.2.7 Displaying

2 Responses to 8.2.7 Displaying

  1. 15tm2014 says:

    Definition of display: The output of information from the system to the user.
    An example of displaying is on screen text. The information is shown onscreen through text to display the data.
    Text in an email: In an email, when you read the message, the text you read is displayed after the data has been processed from the system.

  2. 15ea says:

    The process of displaying is about giving visual and audio output to the user. This process decides how the information in question will be displayed, and when it displays it.

    Real world examples include a computer monitor, which gives direct visual feedback to a user’s input with a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and even voice commands.

    T.Vs recieve a wireless signal and display information sent over these signals as images on the T.V screen.

    Printers are another form of displaying information, where the information is printed on paper.

    In the context of a phone, after a message has been processed and stored, it can be accessed and displayed on the screen of the phone. This is an example of displaying information.

    A PC can display a vast range of information. Reporting errors, playing videos, providing visual feedback (loading screens, etc). If a monitor has a higher resolution, it can display more information.

    There are also ethical issues involved, a big one being that information displayed might not be appropriate for younger audiences. There are also issues with visually impaired people who might have trouble viewing the information being displayed.

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