8.2.3 Analysing


8.2.3 Analysing

8.2.3 Analysing


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  1. LongJohnKong says:

    Analysing in E-Mails (Morgan)

    Emails are analysed to order and date the messages sent between people. Date and time are used to order the data and transform it into information. When a person sends an email, the receiver’s email inbox will organise the email into order through time and date received. the email will contain information about the person who sent it and it can be changed into a contact.

    Analysing and organising in phone contacts (Kye)

    Organising happens in a contact list in a smartphone when a new number is added or a name is put to a contact. The existing data is the phone number. The user can sort their contact in alphabetical order by first name or surname. It does this by analysing the input of either the first name or surname and listing them in order depending on what the user chooses.


    Analysing can be done without technology in many ways. One of these ways is sorting people by classes in school. In this example, the students would be the raw data and the sorted classes would be the analysed data.

    Social/Ethical issues

    Unauthorized analysis is an issue because somebody may be able to analyse things that are supposed to be private.


    1. Gmail – Inbox Folders

    Gmail has a system of analysing emails that sorts them into 3 different folders in your email. It does this by analysing the email address and sorting it based on what the content is. If it is a promotion from a company it goes into the promotions folder. If it is a social networking notification it will be stored in the social folder. If it is a personal email that is in neither of the other categories it is stored in the main inbox

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