8.2.2 Organising


8.2.2 Organising

8.2.2 Organising

Organising Process

Google – Organising

Google searches to be specific. When the user inputs a search Google collects that data and begins to search through everything across the internet (Files) that contains or relates to the user’s search. Because the search would come back with close to a million results (and whoever goes to the second page of Google) Google has to organise them via relevance, from most relevant to least relevant. It does so by selecting the results that are from your country or same language and if the search is contained in site.



A location is a particular place or position and guides a reader from point A to point B by aiding navigation between points on the map and can also be used in technology for computer processes to find bits of information which combine to give us our information and displays


Alphabetical order is a common form of organization and has been tought to us since adolescence and provides us with a reference for locating the information we are seeking. Alphabetical order is a helpful way of organising for websites with large databases off information or when saving folders on your computer so they can be found in a later date


A time signature is sometimes used to organise information by the time and date it was created and can be used by a user to find information based on the time it was created. An example of this is email, when you receive an email it is automatically sorted by date and time received.






Multidimensional organization

The use of multiple sources of data in order to simultaneously pursue through multiple dimensions and on multiple levels (used in marketing)

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