8.1.1 Information systems in context

8.1.1 Information Systems in context - diagram

8.1.1 Information Systems in context – diagram

8.1.1 Information Systems in context - Learn about/Learn to

8.1.1 Information Systems in context – Learn about/Learn to

16 Responses to 8.1.1 Information systems in context

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  2. LongJohnKong says:

    I think that the concept is interesting and a lot of this is possible but some of the things such as the full body scan transferring instantly would take a long time to develop. The budget for this would also be ridiculous for something that isn’t necessary at this time.

  3. 14mkn says:

    I don’t believe that increasing the way current technology looks is the best way forward. How much resources are these glass panels going to cost?

  4. coster96 says:

    Though the majority of these things would be beneficial to society and to individuals. I believe it’s too much of a risky investment for things such as a whole room made of technological glass to become a reality however, there are lots of emerging technologies not made of glass that could possibly fulfil a similar purpose.For example, LED screens could be a more cost effective alternative to the interactive glass bus signs: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2013/12/transparent-lcd-bus/

  5. One way or another, a lot of this tech, despite being worthwhile investments for the future, could potentially make very little in terms of a difference. For example, the public examples of the glass technology on highways and streets may really only prove to be more expensive places for graffiti or defacing. Though it is highly intriguing and interesting, it could be turn out to be nothing more than glorified street directories and breaking opportunities.

  6. 15ea says:

    That room made of glass was really interesting – the potential for gaming technology is amazing. A problem I saw in the video was the focus on touch control. As technology advances, there seems to be more interest in voice control rather than touch control.

  7. simonwortho says:

    I think that the ideas shown in “A Day Made of Glass” are very interesting. Some of the technologies shown would benefit health and education, such as the room made of glass where the doctor is able to not only communicate across the world, but also be able to retrieve information (such as scans) very quickly. But, for some of the ideas shown they would not seem very plausible now. For example, the flexible glass (as shown in the first video, the scenes where the guy is reading in bed and the portable flexible glass that the guy lays on the table), would need some form of power (such as a battery), which would have to be very small and thin to fit in the bezel on the side. Plus I think some of these ideas would be very expensive (at least whilst they are being introduced).

  8. Cobolt127 says:

    Amazing pair of videos. The ideas and concepts are all amazing and definitely a possibility. If it is possible to trust a large population of people with that much glass then the future is clear (yes glass pun). but we only have to look outside to see that many of us cannot be trusted with amazing technology. For example touch screen bus shelter displays, as it was mentioned in class those pristine glass displays will not last that long in the hands of the public (public being a small amount of vandals that go out of their way to destroy private or public property). But sure you can create some sort of paint proof glass yet the cost to create all of that, let alone all the other glass based products.
    Not only does the technology have to evolve but the way we use and look at it.
    In the end amazing ideas.

  9. andrewriis says:

    I love these video. I think that the concepts are great ideas, following what could be done with technology. Most of the things, could, in practice, be done with technology today. It wouldn’t be as seamless but it would definitely be a possibility. I feel that technology is shifting towards mobile devices, and I really like how all the things link together. As I said, technically it would be possible to do most of the things but some things could not be done, like having no visible components. Great ideas, but there will need to be lots of innovation and development before they are replicated exactly.

  10. Liam Dunphy says:

    1 – List all the different types of information technology you use every day. computer and non-computer based

  11. Liam Dunphy says:

    2 – Think of the kitchen in your home as a system. a) what is its purpose? b) List all the resources used by the system. c) What processes are used in the kitchen?

    • 16jn2015 says:

      What is the purpose?
      To provide healthy food, in a clean environment

      List all the resources used by the system:
      Cook books
      Furniture (oven, stove, sink, ect.)

      What processes are used in the kitchen?
      Cooking food
      Retrieving food from fridge
      Washing dishes

  12. Liam Dunphy says:

    3 – Open a document in a word processor. Examine each of the menu/function items and classify them as: Collecting; Organising; Analysing; Storing & Retrieving; Processing; Transmitting & Receiving; Displaying; integration of information processes

    • 16jn2015 says:

      Collecting – Optical Character Recognition
      Organising – Formatting text
      Analysing – Word count
      Storing & Retrieving – Save as
      Processing – Changing font type
      Transmitting & Receiving – Share via email
      Displaying – Final process of printing

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