#NBCSpipeline debate


Using the #NBCSpipeline hashtag, the Friday Pipeline debate series will go live each Learning Session 4 on Friday week A to facilitate the learning and knowledge of the #NBCSipt students.

A capture of the the twitter back-channel will be posted to this page after the debate has finished.

Series 1 – Social and Ethical Issues

Debate #1 – Friday 28th February 2014 –  #Privacy

  • TOPIC: It is OK for “BIG BROTHER” to use confidential information about me for their purposes.
    • FOR: Greg, Aaron, Kye, Matt – supporting researchers = Tim, Ellis
    • AGAINST: 1-Freddie, 2- Louis , 3- Rachel , 4-Andy, - supporting researchers = Simon, Oliver
    • Independent contributor/judge: Morgan

Debate #2 – Friday 14th March 2014 –  #Copyright

  • TOPIC: Creativity and the ARTS are being destroyed by apathy towards COPYRIGHT laws.
    • FOR: Andy, Rachel, Morgan, Simon, Freddie, Ollie
    • AGAINST: Ellis, Matt, Kye, Aaron, Louis, Tim
    • Independent contributor/judge: Greg

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